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"BALANCED" SHORT FILM                                                                              SHOT/EDITED BY: JORDAN ARMSTRONG

                                                                                         DIRECTED BY: MAXWELL SHAVERS & JORDAN ARMSTRONG

In this rendition of Humans of Creativity we were able to interview Mars Jackson. Mars is an up and coming musical artist out of Pittsburgh, PA who's had great success already and is prepared to represent his city to the best of his abilities. 1. Who is Mars Jackson?

A product of his environment, the modern-day hip hop’s Mister Rodgers, ha-ha. I’m just an artist who loves his city like everybody else, and love where music takes me creatively and mentally. There’s no limit to what you can do with music, and that’s who Mars Jackson is, when you think of me as an artist, think no limits.

2. What inspired you to start making music?

Everything that makes the world cry. I know that may mess people up like “huh” but seriously, what makes the world cry? Hate, depression, race, love, happy moments, sad moments, and triumphant moments. Life in general is what inspired me to make music, not just one artist or composer. Also my upbringing inspired me the most as well, music was always playing whether it was gospel, hip hop, funk, r&b, you name it, it was played.

3. Who would be on the dream team of musicians/artists (dead or alive)

to collaborate on a Mars Jackson album?

To be honest, and I never said this before because I thought it was cliché, but I don't care because I’m a fan of their music from my city. First Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa (Bucket List). Then Andre Benjamin, Kid Cudi, N.E.R.D, Chance The Rapper, Dom Kennedy, Kamaiyah, Pell, Childish Gambino, plus two of my favorite bands Tame Impala and MGMT. I know that list probably may not meet others' standards, but this is who I like listening to for my own reasons, their ears I respect whole heartedly.

4. What is your favorite part about the music scene in Pittsburgh?

Honestly, for me, it’s being able to watch it grow into what it is today. In 2009 -13, I mean it goes back before that but, each period in time in this city is different. It was a different time for PGH music scene. As far as hip hop, nobody seemed like they were trying to cross genres or other lanes because maybe they didn’t know how or didn’t want to, but I saw my city as a goldmine from my point of view. We all got different paths. I always say god’s timing plus action. I knew what Wiz and Mac were accomplishing on a mainstream level, but fools who knew the underground know that it was huge for us to witness two underground artists emerge to where they are now from our city as we are in 2018 which paved the way for others now on the brink of accomplishing goals and truthfully living out their dreams and knowing hard work and positivity goes along way especially in Pittsburgh. I mean the world is made for us to travel, so I hope a lot of artists explore to show what the talent of Pittsburgh is about. I know I am.

5. Do you have a favorite memory of a past performance of yours?

I do actually there’s two, premiering the "Heart Dance" song/video at Belvederes in Lawrenceville w/ Down n Derby. The city skated the night away. Opening up my first show of 2018 over at Club Cafe with Benji and Sierra Sellers is another. I’ve opened up for some cool artists such as JMSN , Big Krit, The Internet, Lupe, but that all helped me with the confidence of trusting in in my live performances and that night at Club Cafe was live, especially when I performed Heart Dance.

6. What was the inspiration for Heart Dance?

That song was inspired by love and fun. I can’t really explain it. Love is something else when you really let it into your creativity in making a song like that. I look at my relationship with my girlfriend who I been with for 4 years and I’m like man we always have so much damn fun when we out. I wanted to make something people can boogie too, no matter what age I wanted this song to hit home for some. Keep loving and dancing. I mean with Nice Rec and GrandEar creating that vibe it just took me to a place visually and as you can see I painted a picture. That also helped with the direction of the video shot by Jordan Armstrong at "Highway Robbery Vintage" a dope vintage thrift shop here in the city.

7. Where do you see Mars Jackson in 5 years?

I really see myself filming documentaries, no lie, a lot of people don’t know my love for film. I love music with all my heart but at the same time my love for capturing moments or really enjoying a person's journey or story, that’s my calling. I took a couple film classes in when I was college but with music I feel it will open the doors for other avenues I want to explore, the sky's the limit with me , wherever god takes me you know.

8. What should we expect from Good Days Never Last Forever?

I wanted to score my life through this album. I knew after I’m Just Being Nice w/ Nice Rec we wanted to make a project that after we were done we felt accomplished and I believe we did just that. I mean I trusted the talent within my city working with Benji who I knew would understand where I wanted to take certain recordings and he did a crazy job at it by far. I had some of the best recording sessions due to comfortability and just staying in tune with the music. I mean Heart Dance is the single, so that lets you know a little piece of what we got in store, there’s no ceilings to what I can create.. you’ll see! You can keep up with Mars through his various social media accounts including Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook. Make sure to also take a listen to his upcoming album, Good Days Never Last Forever's first single "Heart Dance" which is out on all streaming platforms. Instagram: @MarsJackson Twitter: @MarsJackson Soundcloud: Facebook: