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Very Legendary Image_450x.png

HOUNDS worked with Beedie & Billy Hoyle to bring Very Legendary to life through visuals that represent their hard-hitting sound.



Creative Direction | Graphic Design | Merchandise Design | Graphic Identity | Print Design |Photo Production | Video Production

VERY LEGENDARY A 10 track album by the undefeated duo, featuring Tommy Girl, Vic Spencer, BlackSunZu, Brick Diggler, Rim, &Jhawk. Beedie & Billy Hoyle wanted Very Legendary to represent a simple theme: Perseverance. Manifested through the path of the hero’s journey, and telling tales of the blinding darkness before the dawn of greatness becomes realized. It’s easy to celebrate the wins but you also have to appreciate the setbacks along the way, because ultimately the combination of both are what lead you to victory.


Filmed By: Clay McCloskey | Edited: Cole McCloskey | Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

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