January 18, 2019



We deliver you the first "Humans of Creativity" of 2019 featuring Niles Devinney. We got to dig into the world of a barber and learn more about the process in Niles life. We got to visit him in his zone at Mister Grooming and Goods that is located in Lawrenceville. One thing for certain, a haircut can change your life.



1. Where are you originally from and how was the haircut culture around there?


I’m from Williamsport PA. Home of the Little League World Series. The haircut culture there isn’t the greatest, but it’s at least existing.


2. How did you get into cutting hair? Was this something you always enjoyed or were you inspired to become a barber?


I had no idea hair would end up being my passion. I was never into hair as a kid and never picked up a pair of scissors until I was 22. I was working a bunch of jobs I hated and a girl I was dating was in beauty school. She suggested I give it a try and within a couple weeks I was enrolled at Barone Beauty Academy. I’m technically not a “barber” by label. I’m a cosmetologist. But at the end of the day we all put hair on the floor. Shoutout to Shannon for lighting the spark that became my passion. She actually works right down the street from me in Lawrenceville. Super talented girl.


3. Being involved in this craft, what other arts do you enjoy doing that inspire your haircuts?


Honestly a lot of my inspiration comes from other artists I see and follow on Instagram. There’s an insane amount of talent out there and Instagram is a great tool to get your own work out there and also see what other people are creating. Outside of hair I’ve recently been super inspired by the amount of young creative professionals in Pittsburgh. I know and see so many people that are doing their damn thing whether it’s opening coffee shops, print shops, clothing companies etc and I think that’s fucking awesome and inspires and motivates the hell out of me.


4. How important was the Barber shop when you were growing up? Did you spend time at a certain spot as a kid?


It really didn’t serve much importance to me at all as a kid. My dad always just buzzed my head as a little one and then as I got older I was lucky enough to have a super sick bowl cut. Very rarely made it to the barbershop.


5. What has been one of the worst experiences you have had with cutting hair?


Easy - when I was in beauty school I thought I was confident enough to cut my girlfriend's hair at home without the help of an instructor. Let’s just say that was bad. It ended in tears and her having to come to the school to have my instructor fix it. Sorry Cierra!


6. How have you enjoyed your time at “Mister Grooming and Goods?”


There’s a lot to say about Mister. It’s a great shop and a super fun place to work. The owners, Michael and Heather are absolutely amazing. Some of the best people I’ve ever worked for. And everyone that works there is very talented. Those people are like family to me.


7. What’s your future look like? Opening up your own spot or going in a completely different direction?


Not really sure at this point. Just kind of going with the flow. Opening up my own shop is definitely a long term plan but that’s a bit down the road. As for the near future I want to try to get into educating a bit more. I’ve dabbled a little with teaching and want to see where that takes me. And I’m always trying to be creative in other ways whether it’s putting out videos or collaborating with other haircutters. Aside from that you can always find me behind the chair at Mister. Come see me! 



If you are looking for Niles to bust your wig, make sure you set an appointment because he is a very busy man. You can find him at Mister Grooming and Goods or right across the street slathering himself up in BBQ. 



Instagram: @Niles_Devinney

For Booking: 412 - 326 - 5964 


Photos By: Garrett "G" Yurisko

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