May 6, 2018

On May 4th, 2018, MARS LANDED. As he descended to the spot, Jackson hopped out the spaceship and delivered a performance of a lifetime at Spirit PGH. This was the official release party for Mars Jackson's debut album, "Good Days Never Last Forever" released under Misra Records. Drinks were provided by Creatives Drink and Pennsylvania Libations for the first hour of the show. People filed in early to enjoy this show because no one wanted to miss out on what Mars and Nice Rec had planned. The show started out with an opening DJ set by Christo to get the crowd going. Then the moment had arrived that we all had been waiting for, Mars Jackson and Nice Rec made their way to the stage to deliver these masterful tracks. Nice Rec even set up the talk box that was used to record on the album to play live which was much appreciated. Mars' stage presence is out of this world and what we enjoy most is that he sounds as clean and crisp live, as he does on his studio tracks. Benji also made an appearance to assist Mars in performing "Best Friend" and "Simple". As the set came to a close, Mars cried tears of joy because of how packed the venue was and how people have shown him so much love and support on this journey that he's been on. To wrap up the night, Beauty Slap delivered a stellar performance themselves. All and all this night was fantastic and if you had missed coming out to the show then we feel sorry for you! Don't fret too much though, we know Mars has so much more planned for the future. Who knows, maybe a tour could be next? GOOD DAYS NEVER LAST FOREVER, or.. Do they?


Make sure to check out "Good Days Never Last Forever" which is available on all streaming platforms. 

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