December 17, 2017

We're back with a brand new edition of Humans of Creativity where we got to interview Matt Mullan. A Pittsburgh native who's a veterinary marketing manager by day and a rap superstar by night. We were able to get an insight on his passion for music and where he sees himself in the future. 



1. Who is FNKYMatt?

FNKYmatt is a curator, a writer and an all around funky dude. There is so much to hear and see.  I like to utilize all of my resources to put in the work and and get the word out. Whatever it takes to share something with others that’s made an impact on me, that’s the goal.


2. What inspired you to start making music?

I started writing lyrics when I started rapping along to artists i listened to and thought, “yeah I could pull off something like that.” Crazy guys like young Gambino and Danny Brown were what I was listening to when I first put the pen to pad.


3. Who are your musical inspirations?

Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, and Wiz Khalifa have been in my rotation since the start.  Childish is fearless, Mac is confident, and Wiz is the smoothest dude out there. I do my best to embody those traits.


4. How does music incorporate itself into your everyday life?

I listen to music every day.  i literally start every day with music. My alarm is always whatever song I’m jamming to at the moment. People say you should use your favorite song as your alarm because you’ll get sick of it, but that my motivation to get out of bed!  And as soon as I get home from work I put a record on the turntable or pull up what ever was stuck in my head during the day on Apple Music.  It’s become a part of my culture, to pick up new releases and incorporate them into my playlists to keep the vibe alive.


5. As an artist, what song that you've made means the most to you? Why

does it have that importance to you?

The track “vdka n listerine” off of APPS is the track that means the most to me. I was really impressed with myself when I finished writing it.  There were just a lot of clever lines that consistently flow and that made it fun. It was the first track that after I wrote and recorded it I thought “I’m really getting a hang of this…but let’s keep going.”


6. How did you become a DJ? Did it start through radio or playing live events?

Yea, I started as a radio DJ.  That was an amazing opportunity and a blast all around. I love being able to share the sounds that inspire me with others. Music shouldn’t be kept to yourself, that’s not doing any good. Share that shit! I started doing live DJ sets in 2015.


7. As a DJ, what are your go to songs to get the crowd hyped up?

One of my favorite tracks to warm up the crowd is JT’s “Señorita,” that track has such a positive vibe and the perfect BPM to get people moving.  Say Less by Dillon Francis & G-Eazy, Goosebumps by Travis Scott and Kendrick, gucci linen by blackbear & 2 Chainz went over really well the last time I played a crowd. Ass Drop by Wiz Khalifa gets people real low.


8. What's next for FNKYMatt?

Like i said, I like to utilize all of my resources. I have started dabbling in digital lettering and I’m hoping to use more visuals like that. I’ve been writing more verses, but I’m really trying to jump start a youtube channel. Video editing has always been a fun past time.

You can keep up with Matt on Twitter and Instagram at @HearIsMatt. Make sure to give a listen to all of the music he releases through Soundcloud at 

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