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HOUNDS worked with Cam Chambers to bring Prodigal to life through visuals that represent Cam's hometown, New Kensington, PA (25 minutes outside of Pittsburgh). 



Creative Direction | Strategy | Concept Development | Consultation |  Graphic Design | Promo Design | Graphic Identity |  Photo Production | Video Production



Prodigal is the 10-track debut album by New Kensington, PA native Cam Chambers. Prodigal is a sonically mirrored navigation of Cam's own maturation, life lessons, and experiences, told masterfully over the contributions of fellow musicians, friends, and co-producers Dan Sullivan and Bobby Webster. Soul, hip hop, and jazz converge as Prodigal takes listeners through a journey of discovery, the shedding of fears, and basking in achieved "JOMO" - joy of missing out. Prodigal is a return to one's true home: themselves.


Fin, The Beginning of The End. | Filmed/Edited: Cole McCloskey | Location: New Kensington, Pennsylvania 

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