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In the words of the late great Anthony Mason, “We were either gonna win the game or win the fight.” Introducing BASKETBRAWL, an installation exhibiting the most prestigious fights in basketball history. This included a market of basketball curated vendors surrounding the installation and a live podcast hosted by Day One Lifestyle ensued. BASKETBRAWL took place at the historic East Liberty YMCA now known as the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh.


Creative Direction | Strategy | Concept Development  | Graphic Design | Promo Design | Merchandise Design | Graphic Identity |  Event Production | Spatial Design | Detailed Design | Fabrication | Photo Production | Video Production | Audio Production


"THE BRAWL" Short Film | Creative Direction by: Clay & Cole McCloskey  | Filmed & Edited by: Jordan Armstrong | Directed by: Ben Petchel & Jordan Armstrong | Music by: Cole McCloskey


“CEMENTING PASSION” Sculptures | Our passion is to create and inspire those around us to create. These sculptures were created to represent our love for basketball as well as our industrial background.

"PITTSBURGH HOUNDS" Shirt | Introducing one of the most hard hitting shirts, the BASKETBRAWL T-Shirt. Packaged in a basketball net for your enjoyment or for you to replace a net on a court in your neighborhood. This will also include a 1990-91 NBA Skybox card pack for nostalgic purposes. 


"BASKETBRAWL" Recap | Photos by: Ben Petchel | Video by: Jordan Armstrong / Music by: Cole McCloskey


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