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One of the hardest workers we know, Thomas McCloskey, is the archetype of Rugged Wear. Custom home builder and creator out of the South Hills of Pittsburgh, he has been a part of the building business since he was 8 years old. He is the father of "Hounds" founders, Clay and Cole McCloskey. Having a hand in every part of the building process is how he's been able to become as successful at what he does over the many years of building homes. 

Who Are You? 


My name is Tom McCloskey, I'm the Son of Ed & Betty McCloskey. I have followed in my Dad's footsteps as a custom home builder in the Pittsburgh South Hills area. I had started working for my Dad in the home building business when I was about 8 years old, and have been involved in the building business in some capacity ever since.



When did you realize that you wanted to focus your career as a custom home builder?


I have always enjoyed building things. I was intrigued by the process of starting off with a pile of lumber, and in a few days creating what would be the beginning of a home that would be enjoyed by the new owner.



What has been your favorite project to build and why? 


I think my favorite projects would have to be the homes that were built for my family to live in. Whether that is a cottage that we remodeled or a new home. To create something that we can enjoy and have great memories of is very satisfying.



What inspires you to build and create, whether it’s homes or other projects you’ve worked on?


The idea of designing something from scratch, putting those ideas on paper and ultimately building something that will be there and enjoyed for years to come is what inspires me to build and create. 



What’s the best advice you can give to those entering the home building industry? Who gave you the best advice when you started building homes?


My best advice for someone entering the building business is to be involved in all aspects of the process. Starting with customer contact, participating in the design and creation of a unique home. Being involved in the entire construction process from start to finish.

My Dad gave me the best advice by telling me that it is important that you enjoy and look forward to doing your job every day. The pay is important, but the satisfaction you get from participating in any job makes for a better end product.



When the idea of Hounds was brought about by your sons Clay & Cole, how do you think your influence on their lives have shaped the collective’s creativity & goals?


I think the exposure too many creative activities growing up, and the freedom to participate in activities that they enjoyed. Clay and Cole were able to see the side of being able to create unique products, and being self employed was not just a job, but a very fulfilling and exciting way to do things. The exposure to all types of music at an early age also started their creative thoughts flowing. I always liked for the family to participate in fun and unique activities that they enjoyed. 





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