December 7, 2017

1. Wiz Khalifa - City of Steel

Wiz always makes sure to give a shoutout to his hometown as much as he can. Remember "Black and Yellow"? Although the entire song isn't completely about Pittsburgh, it's clear within the hook that he's representing the Burgh. The hook is actually a sample from the song "Most of Us". It has a true Wiz Khalifa feel to it.


2. Teen Daze - Shibuya Again
You ever sit back and reflect on everything that's happened in your life so far? You will while listening to this song. Teen Daze is back with a new portfolio of dreamy, heartfelt tracks to captivate your soul. Shibuya Again is the perfect example of that. You'll see what I mean after listening to it. 


3. Lil Uzi Vert - 20 Min

After the release of Luv is Rage 2, Uzi decided to release a deluxe edition with a couple of bonus tracks that were just as hard as the rest of the album. One that stuck with us a lot was 20 Min. A smooth beat that glides underneath Uzi's braggadocios lyrics about his ex.

4. Cyhi the Prince Ft. Kanye West - Dat Side

Dat Side is a prime example of the chemistry Cyhi the Prince and Kanye West has. Crank this one up and feel the heat rush out your speakers. It's always exciting to get something from Kanye too. "Yeezys in the field, Yeezys, Yeezys in the field now. Made it to the NBA, we in the NFL now."


5. Chief Keef - Cook

 Chief Keef is back with another HEATER. I don't care where you are, "Cook" is appropriate for any setting. A drug dealer anthem with that classic trap feel. 

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