September 15, 2017

In our newest edition of "Humans of Creativity", we were able to explore the creative mind of Chris Allen. Writing is second nature for Chris and spreading his knowledge to the population is what he strives for. Music runs through his veins and his future is lustrous. 

1. Who introduced you to Hip-hop and how did you get started?

Hip-hop for me started as a secret. I was writing in a journal on the low. I put out a small tape in like 2011/2012, but didn't promote it cause it was for me.... My folks found it. I was swearing and shit, so I was terrified. But that was my first Introduction to  putting out my own songs. I'm from DC. Hip-hop is second nature where I'm from. I watched Wale. I studied Rakim when I was in middle school. I always been a student of the game, even though I just got in it as a player. 


2. Who are some of the major influences within your songwriting process? 

My greatest influence is Kanye West. Always has been. I mean that "old Kanye". That's my guy. I listen to Dreamville (JID, Earthgang, Bas and Cozz) heavy right now too, but that Late Registration Kanye is the single most important inspiration I draw from when I sit down. That reflective style. That taught me about being vulnerable on a track, that whole project.


3. What are some of the steps you take when you get into the studio? Do you have any certain routines or a process you take?

I write different than most. When it's my song, I write that shit in the bathroom. Not no on the toilet shit, but I stand in the mirror. A lot of the shit I'm making right now is slower, so I need to visualize performing it. That's my secret. I sit down, get "comfy", find a beat, run to the bathroom and get write the song on my phone in the mirror. Unless it's a feature.


4. What is your favorite part about the music industry? 

My favorite part is this grind. This stage I'm in now. I'm loving it. I'm getting it right now. So much hot shit in the vault. People say they like "Young OG" or the newer releases, but the real heat is all on my phone! I'm waiting. This stage is the best. I'm confident in what I got in the cut. It's been wild meeting people and crossing paths with different circles too. That's always dope.


5. Where do you see “Chris Allen" in 5 years?
In 5 years, I hope niggas care what I'm doing! I'm tryna really just be on my shit. I don't wanna jinx it, so just pray for me!


6. What has been the best story involving your music career? For example meeting a certain artist? A Crazy studio or concert story?

Damn it's been wild man. Wildest shit has to be playing with Talib Kweli in Pitt man. I grew up on him. "Get By" is in my top 10 all time favorite songs. That shit was epic. The wildest is being on an elevator in Atlanta and talking to Teddy Riley on an elevator at A3C! It's fuckin' Teddy Riley! That shit blew my mind. Oh and turning up with the Spillage Village bros at SXSW last year. Those dudes are cool as hell.


Keep up with Chris Allen through social media @AllenIsland as well as Soundcloud.Com/AllenIsland. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated album coming soon. 


Photographs Taken By:


Garrett Yurisko


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