September 12, 2017


1. Chris Allen - Need You

As hard as Chris Allen has been working it's no surprise to keep hearing him grow as an artist through each of his releases. "Need You" is a smooth r&b drenched track that could make you feel a type of way for that certain someone. This is one of those night time chillin' out type tracks. We're excited to see what's next for Chris.



2. Allah-Lahs - Burning in Heaven 

A bonus track to the Allah-lahs most recent project, it shows that it could've proven to be as good as any of the singles released around the project. A folky, bluesy, somber song that surrounds the topic of wasting time. 

3. Action Bronson Ft. Big Body Bes - Tank

With the release of "Blue Chips 7000", Action Bronson put out some of his hottest tracks to date. In our opinion the one that blew the roof off was TANK which featured the mythical legend of Big Body Bes. With rhymes of braggadocios stature and interesting themes you can't help but bop your head the entire time. You feel it in your soul. As Big Body states, "Only God can bench us".


4. Gangs of Youth - Go Farther in Lightness
First off, if you haven't listened to Gang of Youths then you need to. With the release of their newest full length LP it has a very diverse selection of tracks. The title track definitely shows that range. Incorporating hard hitting indie rock songs with classical or more mellowed out tracks gives such a good feel to what they're trying to express. This song is a slower, meaningful song about the intricacy but simpleness in life. 


5. Frank Ocean - Provider

We love how Frank keeps putting out music at a constant pace as you've probably seen on the rest of our "Songs of the Month" articles. Provider starts out as a soft melody about a past love and the feelings they still provide to Frank. As the song progresses bass and smooth drums start to shine to give extra feeling to what's being said in the lyrical prowess of Ocean. It always feels that anything he touches turns gold. This song is definitely an example of that.


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