August 3, 2017


1. Action Bronson - The Chairman's intent

Bronsolino is gearing up for the release of "Blue Chips 7000" with this brand new hard hitting single. With classic Bronson verses this track will keep your head noddin' through it's entirety. There's nothing like hearing the things that come out of his mouth and you know he's really spittin' about himself with those"it's me" ad-libs. On top of the release of the single, he dropped a video with it too. If you haven't watched that yet then you need to.



2. Tyler The Creator Ft. Kali Uchis - See You Again 

Tyler proved his talents once again on the release of Scum Fuck Flower Boy. Teaming up with Kali Uchis, they create a perfect pair as always. A heartfelt song about the love interest of his dreams. Tyler keeps falling deeper in love with this thought of someone but hates that he has to keep waiting to find them in real life. A song with heavy instrumentation that stays precise to the emotions being spewed out from the lyrics that layer into it's story. 

3. Lana Del Rey - White Mustang

A heavy ballad about a relationship between Lana and another musician where at first she felt the relationship was right for her but her significant other wouldn't quit the reckless behavior that he was used to. This track is perfect for the story she has portrayed ever since the beginning. 


4. Integrity - Die With Your Boots On
Creating a visual to an apocalyptic world, Integrity keeps defining who they are in the hardcore community. With a song this heavy you better be prepared to start a pit wherever you play this track. Giving off a Motorhead mixed with Morbid Angel type vibe, Integrity wants you to feel the pain of their own concept of Armageddon. 



5. Turnover - Sunshine Type

A light song about the way life chooses to decide how things are played out and how sometimes you just have to accept it and move on. With the warm instrumentation that ensues, it helps you get into a happier mindset on a topic such as that. You can almost feel the sunshine as the song floats through your speakers.

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