June 16, 2017

In our newest edition of "Humans of Creativity", we were able to get a deeper understanding into photographer Chris Wade's love for being behind a camera. Expressing his art through photographs, he tries to capture the world as it's happening in various styles of scenery. 

1. When did your passion for photography begin?

Probably freshman year of college. I started by borrowing my

brother’s camera and then really just got into it, after that I changed up

my school plans and started thinking about it as a career path and not a

hobby. Once I started into all of the general art classes and photo

classes I really felt that was what I was supposed to be doing,

photography is a great way to communicate and share and that’s what I

love about it so much. That sharing and communicating is really what

motivates me and what makes photography so gratifying.


2. What's your favorite environment to shoot in? 

I have really been enjoying shooting portraits over the last year or

so, it is most of what I have done for school. Although, nature and

outdoor photography is always my favorite, it lets me get outside and

connect with nature, it is then less about the camera and more about

the environment. The common thread there I guess is trying to tell

stories about nature and people, so I’m really trying to find a way to tie

them together, maybe with environmental portraits (the idea of

photographing people and their environment or “comfort zone”)


3. Are there any photographers that you've been inspired by?

Mickey Smith, He is a photographer and film maker, I can’t really

say enough about him, so If you are interest check out his short film

called “the Dark Side of the Lens”. He has a quote from that film where

he says in regards to being a photographer, “If I only scrape out a living,

at least it’s a living worth scraping. If there’s no future in it, this is a

present worth remembering”.


4. How would you define photography from your experience? 

It’s about sharing and communicating, and hopefully being able to

do those things well enough so that my work touches people and

makes a difference.


5. How does photography impact your life? 

It changed the way I look at life, and the way I view things, It has

made me more observant and mindful of my surroundings, and those

are all when the camera is absent. Not to be overly poetic but it gives

life perspective, you start to think less about, would this make a good

photo, and more about, what would this mean to someone and what is

the story I’m telling with this photo.


6. What do you love/hate most about photography?

That everyone can do it and that everyone can do it, let me

explain. I really do love that it is something anyone can partake in and

that it gives people an outlet, and more so that it gives people the

opportunity to capture special moments and then share those with

loved ones. If one shows me pictures of a meaningful moment in their

lives I don’t care about how the photo was taken I care about what it

means to them.


On the other hand, the horde of people with cameras claiming

to be photographer in their spare time, all for the sake of Instagram!

That stuff kinda drives me crazy, and it shouldn’t as much as it does, it

is something I’m working on. And that feeling of distain comes from

not always being totally confident in my own work, which is something I

think everyone struggles with, I think it would only be a problem if I

couldn’t admit that last part to myself.

You can keep up with Chris Wade through his Instagram @Chwade or head on over to his online portfolio,



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