May 22, 2017

On May 16th, The XX and Sampha came to Pittsburgh, PA to perform a selection of songs that took over the entire crowd as each one was performed. Both artists, who are signed to Young Turks, showed how well they worked together on this tour. 


The night opened up with Sampha primarily performing songs from his most recent release, Process. Even though he was billed as the opening act he still held his own and made it felt like it was his own show. If you haven't already had the chance to hear any of his stunning discography then you need to. Beginning his set with Plastic 100°c, he created an atmosphere that pulled you into what Process was all about. Even during the intimate moment of his performance of "No One Knows me Like the Piano", he was able to capture the audience with full attention. Not only did he have a great performance but even his stage presence was big for what was considered an opening act. 

Sampha was able to make a massive appearance during this tour. It was apparent his skill in everything he did. From his vocals to the execution of instrumental coordination. 

After Sampha was the headlining act of the night, The XX came out to an audience eager on their arrival. Their use of the stage was huge. From the plentiful amount of mirrors based off their theme for their recent release to the lighting that had such unique change -ups to Jamie XX's clear set up for his equipment. Busting through a big setlist consisting of a compilation of their entire discography you felt so involved in everything that they did. Looking around, everyone knew each song by heart. When the more upbeat songs played people were dancing everywhere, keeping a great vibe to the show. Even when the more heartfelt, serious songs were being performed the attention was focused on the words and process that went into these strong pieces of music.

After an encore of On Hold, Intro, and Angels; The XX proved how well they were able to pull the audience into this world that they had created around this tour. If you haven't been able to witness these two astonishing acts, then I recommend you do so. This is a show that'll definitely go down as a favorite of yours especially if you're an admirer of either one of these acts.  

The artists' most recent releases:






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